Mariclaro Canada is a small design collective based in Toronto whose aim is to create sustainable designs. We focus mainly, but not exclusively, on the production of bags. All Mariclaro bags are 99% recycled (the 1% is made up of thread and our logo; still not available recycled) and made in a sustainable way.

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Mariclaro Winter Hours

Mariclaro Workshop Sustainable Designs at 457 Roncesvalles now has streetcar service and new hours, not to mention awesome high quality local eco-fashion as per usual. 

We are open Monday to Saturday 12-7, and Sunday 12-4.

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2011!


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HEY gang!

the shop’s got the boxing day bug! everyone does here! 15-50% off all stock!

come in and score on some sweet finds from all your favourite local designers!

sale runs until january 1! see you soon!


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BOXING DAY SALE at Mariclaro

Come by and find some amazing specials like:

Mariclaro Laptop Bag for 49$

CBE Hoodie for 114$

See you soon!

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New Winter Arrivals!

If you’re still looking to do your holiday shopping, come over and check out some of the new arrivals at our store!

First we have a few handmade leather bags by Dan Fitzgerald, who makes these from his own patterns, each with unique details, clasps and embellishments. They look great and are sure to last their owner a long time.

Annie Clifford has brought in some armwarmers and warm wooly things in great winter colors. 

And Embody has some new triangular belt pouches. They’re made from a variety of materials and come with little hoops to go on your belt, so you have a safe place to stash all your things. It’s like having extra pockets!

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……. our store …. check it out!

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Woah! Jewelry by Mariclaro!

Woah! Jewelry by Mariclaro!

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New arrivals!

We’ve been making lots of awesome mini-freyas lately. But now it’s time for some full-size purses. Patricia just finished a run of large Freyas in a whole bunch of different designs and colors. A few of these have been uploaded to Etsy already, so do check them out.

Also check out our new batch of upholstery materials! Can’t wait to turn these into some awesome bags.

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Another September Update

Hey! First things first, we have just released a whole new size of Three Speed. These bags are wider than our classic ones, almost a square shape. We’ve done some up with seat belts, bright colors and upholstery. Each one has handy inside compartments for organizing your stuff.

A few of these bags will be staying in the store, but the rest will be sent off to Amsterdam. This is the first time we’ll be selling our bags there, and we hope they’ll be a huge success. 

And a few more reminders:

Construction on Roncesvalles is still underway, everything looks like it’s going according to schedule. The tracks have been laid, we’re waiting patiently for the rest of the work to finish. 

Embody has a great new line of fall clothes and accessories. But we still have a lot of great summer things, and the summer line is now on sale at 50% off! Come by and take a look (before it gets too cold!)

We’re still offering 10% off at the store when you bring in a non-perishable food donation. All the food will be sent to the High Park Church Food Bank. The drive lasts until the 11th of September. 

There’s also some new laptop bags up on Etsy, check them out here.

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Hi! This is a Mariclaro Update!

It’s fall already holy cow.
There’s still a lot of construction on Roncey, but it will be over soon. They have laid out the tracks at least.
Free Parking where you can find it on the street, and pay parking behind the Howard Park school after 6pm daily, and all weekends and holidays.
Septmeber 4-11 we are offering 10% off any regular priced item in the store when you bring in a non-perishable food donation for the High Park Church Food Bank.
We have new things from Embody who rocks on her fall line. Sweaters and cowls, wristies and heavy tank tops, she can’t wait for the heat of summer to wear off.
Her summer line is also on sale now.
Hoodies, jackets and t-shirts for men and women from CBE and Modrobes will gear you up for the colder weather. Made in Toronto cotton, and recycled pop bottle fabric with eucalyptus make these feel so nice.
Atelier B has re-invented the cardigan for both men and women. More asymetrical style on organic cotton.
We have wallets! 3 different styles, come in and check them out.
Thanks for supporting us, hope to see you soon!
Monday -Saturday 11-8, Sunday 11-4.

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Roncesvalles under construction + fun

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